We're introducing a Konect & ActiveCampaign native integration.

You can use this integration without leaving the ActiveCampaign User Interface to:

  • Access a list of Konect contact forms without leaving ActiveCampaign;
  • Select which fields you'd like to flow directly in ActiveCampaign;
  • Create a new contact in ActiveCampaign when someone fills out a Contact Form.

How to set up the Konect native app

  1. Log in to ActiveCampaign and go to Apps. Search for Konect and select the app.

  1. Click on Add an account and select Konect workspace that you'd like to connect with ActiveCampaign via a native app.
  2. That's it! The integrated workspace should appear under Connected Accounts in the native app.

How to use the Konect native app

  1. Each form available on the integrated Konect workspace is available in ActiveCampaign as a resource. Select the survey you'd like to configure by clicking on its name.

  1. Now, you need to set up the required field so Konect can send survey responses into ActiveCampaign.

❗️Please always set up the required field as email -> email. Otherwise, the integration won't work.

  1. Now, for every question, decide which fields you'd like to be sending survey responses to. Click on "Add field mapping".
  2. That's it! The connected contact form will send data to ActiveCampaign. 🎉

📞 If you have any questions about setting up ActiveCampaign integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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